Niki  Ernst

Niki Ernst

Niki Ernst’s background is advertising. He has worked in global ad agencies such as BBDO and McCann, and “would not want to miss a day.” Still, one day, he was stuck with the observation that “I don’t want to be called an ad-man for all the associations you would have with this species: talk a lot, say a little; believe that advertising in the world of business revolves around great ad campaigns.” So he raised his own agency, started positioning it as a non-ad agency, and finally turned it clear into a design agency with the focus on packaging, corporate and publishing design. Being introduced to TED in 2006 changed a lot in Niki’s life. The invitation to become a TEDxAmbassador was not only the invitation to a huge global network of game-changers, but also the starting point of the IACy, the innovation agency network, curating innovation for global players.