Debjani  Biswas

Debjani Biswas

Debjani Biswas is an out of the box thinker who pushes boundaries and challenges assumptions in order to make lasting change and shift or break unproductive paradigms. Her original concepts, such as the Five Judgments, have been introduced with life and career changing results to clients and workshop participants in over 17 countries. Ms. Biswas’ hallmark style is to hold a mirror up to participants’ faces, encouraging them to increase self-awareness, openness and emotional intelligence, while enjoying her interactive sessions. Ms. Biswas has 21 years of experience in the “Capability Building” space. This includes Executive Coaching, Diversity Strategy, Facilitation, and Organization Development. She is currently the Principal of Coachieve Consulting Solutions. Her unusual educational background (chemical engineering, OD and international management) shapes her analytical, yet people centric, working style. As an executive at PepsiCo as well as an executive coach, consultant, manager in Texas Instruments, Ms. Biswas developed deep practical experience which, combined with a rich academic background, results in her cutting edge approach.