John “Tico”  McNutt

John “Tico” McNutt

John “Tico” McNutt, Founder began his pioneering work in the Okavango Delta working on his PhD in Animal Behavior with focus on the African wild dog, of which very little was known. In the past 18 years BPCT has charted the individual life histories of more than 1000 wild dogs spanning eight generations. As a result of Dr. McNutt's painstaking work, the African wild dog has been transformed from a misunderstood and persecuted species to a valued member of carnivore research and ecotourism and conservation. Continuously operating the research camp in the Eastern side of the Okavango Delta since 1990, and the nearby village of Maun, where they manage a wildlife biochemistry laboratory and the rapidly expanding Coaching for Conservation, children's wildlife education program,. Being pilots enables them to oversee the field research and manage the research camp full of graduate students and research assistants working full time on various projects on large carnivore conservation.