Diva  Diaz

Diva Diaz

Diva Diaz is an Access Consciousness® facilitator and international speaker on autism and other disabilities. Diva began her working career in media and later economic intelligence. She spent most of her free time seeking how to create what she knew was possible in the world: studying and learning about every modality she could get her hands on. It wasn’t until she came across Access Consciousness that she became aware of the pragmatic tools that can create the change that is truly possible for everyone should they choose it. As someone who has many of the traits of Autism, Diva has been able to use tools and techniques from Access to create a greater connection and communication with not only the people around her, but also with clients that range from educators and parents of autistic children, to kids themselves. Diva continues to travel the world for fun, working with Access Consciousness® and facilitating classes and workshops on what she practices daily in life and business.