David  Cegelski

David Cegelski

David Cegelski has spent the last 30 years helping businesses and organizations shape their future through innovative management development, business-centered organizational development, and a keen focus on business growth strategies. Much of his work has been on developing teams, managers, and processes that align with an organization’s mission. Most of David’s career was at Nortel Networks where he held leadership positions in Training, Organizational Development, Sales Operations, and Marketing. In addition to Nortel, he has worked in banking, higher education, retail, and nonprofit organizations. His work has included enterprise-wide projects as well as individual coaching. He has been a successful small-business owner for seven years in consulting, retail, and leasing. This breadth of experience enables him to work to improve a range of companies, organizations, and individuals. A regular speaker at conferences, he is eager to share his knowledge with a variety of companies, nonprofits, and organizations. He works with everything from Fortune 100 companies to nonprofits, schools, religious institutions, camps, and addiction treatment centers.