David Michael  Brear

David Michael Brear

David is the Chief Thinker at Think Different Group. He is a FinTech Strategist, Speaker, Scholar & Writer who is consistently voted amongst the most popular business and FinTech influencers. He spends his time these days helping banks, regulators & governments be better. David was most recently the Global Director of Digital Banking in Gartner with senior roles before this at Infosys, Lloyds Banking Group, Aviva and Foolproof. David has a deep range of experience and qualifications across a number of digital disciplines gained from over 10 years working at an agency, consultancy and on the client side for a number of top financial services global brands. Having transformed the digital landscape for a number of banks and insurers, David is now working as strategist and advisory to banks looking to take their Digital Transformation to the next level.