Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

For over a decade, Jennifer has helped thousands map out clear precise direction in their paths towards spiritual development and personal enrichment.

With Jennifer’ highly attuned psychic abilities discovered in her youth, she combines her natural ability, life experiences and strong moral ethics to help people move beyond old wounds and repetitive patterns. Jennifer offers an outside source of confirmation or validation that can be used in everyday life! Her mission is helping others to empower themselves, grow and evolve. So that they can co-create the life they deserve. Jennifer believes that we all have the ability to create the life we want and deserve. She teaches, men and women to love and accept themselves unconditionally. When they do, they become happy with theselves and their lives.

As a nationally known speaker having appeared at numerous events, Jennifer has also been heard on numerous radio stations across the country, such as Voice America, Blog Talk, Women Are Worthy and CBS radio, and many others. Jennifer has also hosted her own radio shows. She is the author of the forthcoming book: Orgasm For Life - a book to bridge the chasm between men and women.