Claire  Dwoskin

Claire Dwoskin

Ms. Claire Dwoskin, founder of the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, a nonprofit that provides funding for research to address eroding national health, particularly in very young and elderly populations will be presenting at AutismOne and will be joining Botha for an interview. Ms. Dwoskin is a child health advocate, philanthropist and leader of an international effort to address the increasing incidence of chronic illness and disability, including autoimmunity, and age related neurological diseases. As part of her family foundation’s charitable work in the area of vaccine safety and advocacy, Ms. Dwoskin pursues autoimmune disease research. Research articles funded by her foundation have been published in prominent peer-reviewed journals including Annals of Medicine, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Lupus, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine. Ms. Dwoskin was one of three recipients to receive the “AESKU Award for Lifetime Contribution to Autoimmunity" in 2014.