Terri  Long

Terri Long

Ms. Long and Mr. Eden are the Co-Founders of Harvest Earnings, www.harvestearnings.com, and Authors of “Low-Hanging Fruit, 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits.” Jeremy has decades of consulting and performance improvement experience in business and government including McKinsey. Terri was in the corporate banking world for eighteen years before joining Jeremy over a decade ago.They met in the mid-90s when Terri was the client and an SVP at what is now U.S. Bancorp. Jeremy was the consultant assigned to work with her on the bank’s earnings improvement project.They quickly realized that they were in lock step about how best to achieve real continuous improvement, something they both agreed companies sorely needed. Company insiders, not outside consultants, had the answers to improving their company. Jeremy and Terri are considered two of the most practical and straightforward business thinkers in the field.