Angeli  VanLaanen

Angeli VanLaanen

Striking a balance between career and the rest of one's life is not always easy. Especially when that career is a professional skier and involves endless travel, exhausting training and both physical and mental stress. But Angeli VanLaanen has always been able to balance all that her career thrusts upon her. Though all that was happening in Angeli's career, she was struggling to find an answer to why her body wasn't keeping up the way it should have. From bouts of fatigue to unexplained ailments such as dizziness and body pain, something wasn't right. After seeing numerous doctors who misdiagnosed her condition for 14 years, Angeli was finally correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease in November of 2009. After 3 years of treatment she entered remission entirely symptom-free, and made an incredible comeback and competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics.