Helen M.  Ryan

Helen M. Ryan

Helen M. Ryan is a business owner, freelance writer, mom, fitness pro, nonprofit founder and author. Like many women, Helen found herself leading a busy life with little time to take care of her health or herself. As an entrepreneur and mother, she spent years moving from project deadline to child activity, with no thoughts about her future or pursuing her own dreams. In 2003 she was faced with her father’s death from cancer. It was at that moment Helen—wearing a size 20 on her short frame—realized that if she didn’t change her life and try to become healthier, she would die, too, and without doing any of the things she had wanted to with her life. Losing more than 80 pounds in 10 months through simple dietary changes and exercise, Helen began to rediscover the person she used to be. She became a certified fitness pro to help others, and returned to her writing roots, penning her first book, “21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life),” an Amazon bestseller. Her story has been featured on Shape.com and in the Huffington Post. Helen’s motivates people become healthier in a realistic way, work fitness into their busy lifestyles, and lead healthier, happier lives. In her free time, Helen photographs rock concerts, teaches Spinning classes and eats chocolate.