Amelia  Boomker

Amelia Boomker

Born and raised in Chicago, Amelia was breastfed; her mother also donated to a local milk bank. During a bad illness at age 1, Amelia was a recipient of donor milk. She learned early in school and sports never to give up even when the challenges are large, and she credits this sense of determination in helping her to pump and donate milk for babies in need. Amelia met her husband at Valparaiso University, and the two married shortly after graduation. The couple has four boys together. Danny was born in 2005 with a severe complex heart defect, hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He has undergone several surgeries and was unable to breastfeed. So that he could receive her milk, Amelia began pumping. She continued to pump her milk after the births of Liam (2007), Ryan (2009), and Connor (2012). Guinness Book of World Records recently recognized her for donating the most breast milk ever (>482 liters). Amelia works as a Java developer and donated to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank.