Bryan  Flanagan

Bryan Flanagan

Bryan Flanagan’s experience as a seasoned sales professional can be put to work for you! He began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He then invested the next 14 years with IBM as a salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national training center. In 1984, Bryan joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He served as the Director of Corporate Training for Zig for over 20 years working with a variety of sales and marketing companies. In 2005, Bryan founded Flanagan Training Group. In this capacity, he designs and delivers training programs that improve team and individual productivity and growth. He has authored numerous training programs including his sales book “Now, Go Sell Somebody Something” and the 4-CD set “Bryan Flanagan on Sales and Motivation.” His newest book is entitled “So, You’re New to Sales.” Bryan understands the corporate marketplace and what it takes to achieve success in today’s competitive environment.