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Laurie Berkner Band

Laurie Berkner has been a professional musician since 1992, but her success as a children’s recording artist and innovator in the “kindie rock” genre was a surprise to her. “The more I started working on material for children,” she explains, “the more I realized that it opened up creativity in me that I never knew I had.” Laurie’s childhood in Princeton, NJ and her college time at Rutgers University was filled with musical activities, including choirs, bands, and musical theater. She worked as a children’s music specialist before becoming a recording artist. Her music was featured on the popular preschool show Jack’s Big Music Show. Laurie’s music is the focus of a short-form animated series Sing It, Laurie! Seven albums of music, four children’s books, and an off-Broadway musical called Wanda’s Monster round out her career to date. Her latest album, Lullabies, was released in May. The Laurie Berkner Band also includes Susie Lampert, Brady Rymer, and Bob Golden.