Alexander Wolf

Alexander Wolf, L.Ac. graduated with a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000, and was licensed by the California Acupuncture Board in 2001. During his time in Los Angeles, he owned a private practice and was authorized to teach Tung Family Taijiquan, Paulie Zink Yin Yoga, and Korean Mountain Sundo. As a current resident with his wife and newborn son in Kalamazoo, MI, Alexander hosts classes focused on the Principles of Body and Mind. The class covers the aspects of integrative care and self-care for people who are interested in working and learning to cultivate their own wellness and take responsibility for their own health. In addition, Alexander teaches an exercise class called Beginning Qigong which is an non-impact standing exercise set to increase strength, balance, and mobility. The class includes taijiquan(tai chi) and qigong fundamentals. To learn more, he can be reached at 269-615-4970.