Denise  Hansard

Denise Hansard

Denise Hansard, author/speaker/life architect, is an expert in transformation. Here are 3 Things she wants you to know! 1. Didn't just hang her shingle out as a coach ... Masters in Counseling (working therapeutically & in the personal development growth arena), Certified Pricing Professional (those 20+ years in the corporate world teaching the art, science and value of pricing ... your worth in it), Life Coaching Certification (getting back to her gift as a Life Architect, helping women design their one life from the inside out) 2. Been there, done that ... successfully started 2 businesses and climbed the corporate ladder. Have coached hundreds of women to generate 6 figure incomes, find the love of their life and take back their power. Have spoken on stages to groups, she transformed the minds and hearts of CEOs, Executive Sales, Sales Teams, and anyone who would listen. 3. G.R.I.T.S ... Girl Raised in the South and owning every bit of that label.