Tamara  Gerlach

Tamara Gerlach

Tamara Gerlach is the bestselling author of Cultivating Radiance, host of the Radiant Living radio show, speaker, coach, and is an ordained Priestess. She offers live and online courses and events throughout the world as part of her dedication to guiding and serving people as they create freedom, open to grace, and connect to the wholeness of divine love. Tamara works with people who want to create financial freedom, more time to do what they love, and those who want to experience a deeper connection to themselves and the people in their lives; people who are willing to work for their highest good with ease and delight. She is an entrepreneur, buying her first business, Encore Gymnastics, in 1989 which she still owns, as well as several other small businesses, so she blends her business background into all that she does. Currently, she is gearing up for her AromaDance Fall Tour.