Christine  Lenches-Hinkel

Christine Lenches-Hinkel

Christine Lenches-Hinkel is the founder and owner of Waste Less Living, a company dedicated to improving the health and quality of the environment through sustainable lifestyle habits, beginning with the practice of reducing waste. Christine has over 12 years of experience and knowledge in the environmental field, and has worked professionally as an Environmental Planner, Analyst and Scientist for over 7 years providing CEQA/NEPA regulatory compliance support to both private and public sector clients. She has designed and implemented zero-waste education programs for schools and small businesses with particular emphasis on food waste recycling (composting) and recycling initiatives. She has conducted waste audits and assessments, and waste characterization studies. Her experience also includes environmental education and outreach, personnel and staff training, and grant writing. Learn more at: Waste Less Living | REthinking, REducing, REgrowing…our waste stream!