Dr. Noreen Gibbens

Dr. Noreen Gibbens is the lead audiologist for hi HealthInnovations, https://www.hihealthinnovations.com/, and a field team representative for the state of Tennessee. Her responsibilities include assisting patients with hearing testing, fittings and aural rehabilitation, and ensuring clinical quality companywide. Her 25 years of experience helping people with hearing loss include large medical facilities and advisor to local chapters of the Hearing Loss Association of America. She’s a graduate of Central Michigan University and Vanderbilt University. She provides compassionate service for her patients, utilizing her extensive background working with patients of all ages and with all levels of hearing loss. Her passion is educating people on hearing health care, which includes educating patients about hearing loss and how it impacts their quality of life, as well as providing guidance to families and health care professionals who assist people with hearing loss.