David Boulding

David Boulding, www.davidboulding.com, is a 62 year old criminal /family lawyer from Vancouver, Canada. In 2000 he wrote a paper, `Mistakes I Made with FAS Clients’, a popular introduction to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Since 2001 he has concentrated on speaking to judges, cops, lawyers, probation and prison people, teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors and parents about FASD and the law. He’s spoken in Alaska, Tasmania, Queensland, Texas, California, Iowa, Manila, and Toronto, and elsewhere. He’s made available for free several video clips of lectures on YouTube. In June 2014 he and Dan Gunn made two fine animated short instructional films on FASD. All these materials are available on his website. His motivations are genetic as his grandmother was a public health nurse and the leader of the local social democratic party in the Okanagan valley! He was educated at Trent University (English/Native Studies), University of BC (Master's in modern poetry and law).