Norma Estela  Tarango

Norma Estela Tarango

Norma Estela Tarango loves stories of hidden planetary wisdom and spiritual knowledge of light. She was called to the altar of the Sacred Feminine through Our Lady of Guadalupe at a very young age, and has been in step with the poetry of Her unfolding ever since. Growing up on the borderland between Texas and Mexico taught Norma the music, color, language and lore of multi-ethnic perspectives. Now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Norma continues to adapt the dynamic metaphor of Venus as a galactic way-shower. She co-produced "The Venus Dialogues: Becoming a Force of Nature" to align with group pilgrimages around the Valles Caldera Zodiac, a landscape temple that reveals the hoop of the Sacred Feminine in Northern New Mexico. Wayfinding is Norma's personal one-on-one work with people that is inspired by the shaman of the sea, the navigator/priests of indigenous Oceania called Wayfinders.