Dr. Tedd Koren

Dr. Tedd Koren is a 1977 (Earl Taylor class) graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic where he graduated with honors as class valedictorian. He has become the most widely read Doctor of Chiropractic in the world today with over 80 million of his popular scientifically referenced patient education brochures in distribution through Koren Publications (www.korenpublications.com) Dr. Koren also publishes chiropractic books, posters, office forms, stickers and childhood vaccination materials. Dr. Koren produces a monthly newsletter for patients (www.patientnewsletter.com). Dr. Koren is the developer of Koren Specific Technique, a breakthrough in patient care. For information, go to www.teddkorenseminars.com. He also has a free newsletter. For subscriptions simply give your e-mail address at dr.koren@korenpublications.com Tedd Koren, DC 1977 – Present Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private Practice of Chiropractic 1988 –Present Koren Publications Philadelphia, PA Founder and President Writer of 84 patient education brochures, plus booklets, books and monographs on chiropractic. Most popular patient education brochures in the chiropractic profession with over 35 million brochures in circulation. Koren Publications products are published (under license) in Canada, Australia, Japan, U.K. and Spain. 1994- Present International speaker and lecturer Author, writer