Rick  Capone

Rick Capone

Rick Capone is a volunteer at Old Friends and is currently the sports editor for The Woodford Sun in Versailles, Ky., which is near Lexington. He has been in the writing profession since 1985, starting as a technical writer with IBM, while also doing some freelance sports writing, mostly about his favorite sport, volleyball. In 2006, Rick moved to Lexington, Ky., to work as editor of Coaching Volleyball magazine for the American Volleyball Coaches Association, and soon discovered he had a passion for something bigger than volleyball – horses. In 2009, he visited Old Friends, where he met Michael Blowen and approached him with the idea of writing a book about the horses of Old Friends. Michael liked the idea, and they began the project. However, at the time, Old Friends began accepting so many horses, Rick could not keep up, and the project was put on hold. In 2014, things came full circle when The History Press approached Michael about doing a book on the History of Old Friends. Michael suggested Rick for the project, and the result is the new book 'History of Old Friends, A Home for Retired Thoroughbreds.'