V. Kuroji  Patrick

V. Kuroji Patrick

V. Kuroji Patrick is an artist who focuses on illustration and photography. He is the co-publisher and illustrator of two children’s books: a breastfeeding nursery rhyme “This Milk Tastes Good!” (written by wife Chenniah Patrick) and “I Won’t Eat That!” about an extremely picky eater. Kuroji is also the father of five and a community activist whose educational efforts reach everyone from expectant teenage parents to healthcare providers. Mr. Patrick is working with the Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association, Breastfeeding Mothers Unite and W. K. Kellogg Foundation to develop short videos about involving fathers more in the breastfeeding process, an extension of his outreach efforts to support and promote breastfeeding in all communities. In 2013, Mr. Patrick received the Liberated Muse ‘heART’ Award and was inducted into the Medela Breastfeeding Hall of Excellence as a Community Breastfeeding Advocate.