Chris  Mead

Chris Mead

Chris Mead is senior vice president of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, an organization representing 1,200 local, state, and regional chambers of commerce. Chris has been with ACCE since November 2002. His previous experience includes economic development and other consulting, publishing newsletters on international trade, and serving as vice president of the Council for Urban Economic Development (now the International Economic Development Council. Chris has written a book called The Magicians of Main Street: The Story of Chambers of Commerce in America. This book covers U.S. chambers from 1768 to 1945. The book was published this summer of 2014 by John Cruger Press. The Wall Street Journal on August 16, 2012 wrote about the project: Chris holds an MBA degree from Stanford University and a BA degree in English from Oberlin College. He occasionally writes for ACCE’s magazine, Chamber Executive, and has also written for, Global Reach, The American Interest, and other outlets.