Karen  Jansen

Karen Jansen

Karen Jansen is married to her husband (since 1979) and is mother to two adult children. Her daughter is married and is a successful, independent musician. Her son, Jacob (Jake) Jansen is owner of My Recovery Project LLC. Karen received her BS in Nursing at UW-Milwaukee and has worked as an RN part-time for the past 34 years and is currently working full-time at a county, outpatient Mental Health Center. Personal experience in dealing with the family dynamics of addiction continues as her son, Jake, remains in recovery. In the midst of her son’s IV opiate use, life was consumed with the polarizing thoughts of be patient with the problem verses wishing it would just go away. The encounters with the legal system, drug using peers, lawyers, judges, police and probation officers took a heavy toll on her emotional status. With the support of family, friends, counselors, and the staff of treatment centers, Karen is now able to recognize that addiction recovery is a journey and that healing the brain takes a lot of care, support and compassion.