Marion  Baker

Marion Baker

Marion Baker, The LOVE Therapist, is a Registered Therapeutic Transpersonal Psychology Counselor, and works with a transpersonal model based on A Course In Miracles. Always interested in alternative healing methods, she spent a decade learning energy healing, doing workshops and courses, and reading every self-help book imaginable. She didn’t know what she was looking for, but after considerable time and effort she was sure of one thing. Nothing was changing. It was only after she discovered transpersonal psychology that things started to be different for her. It is said that if you can find your way through your greatest struggle, then your highest service to the world would be to help others do the same. Once single and struggling, and now happily married, Marion’s niche as a counselor was born. She has just authored her first book, The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch - Insight For Women Who Struggle To Find Lasting Love. Learn more at: