Debbie  McAndrew

Debbie McAndrew

Yorkshire born playwright and actor Deborah McAndrew studied Drama at Manchester University. In her acting career she has worked extensively in television, radio and theatre. She is best known for her role as Angie Freeman in the iconic British television series, Coronation Street, in the 1990s. Deborah’s published plays include: An August Bank Holiday Lark (2014) The Grand Gesture (2013) A Government Inspector (2012) published by Methuen: Flamingoland (2008) published by Nick Hern Books. Other plays include: Ugly Duck (2013-14) Till The Cows Come Home (2014) Beyond The Veil (2013) Losing The Plot (2012) King Macbeth and David Copperfield (2010) Oliver Twist (2009) Accidental Death Of An Anarchist (2008) Vacuum (2006) The Bells (2004). Deborah has recently founded Claybody Theatre Company, and is currently a guest lecturer in Playwriting, Docu-mentary Theatre and Acting at Staffordshire University, Department of Drama and Theatre Arts.