Dr. Ron  Goldstein

Dr. Ron Goldstein

Ron Goldstein graduated in 1971 from the University of Toronto with BSc and DDS degrees. He’s been in private dental practice, www.drronaldgoldsteinandassociates.com, for 43 years. His interest in sleep apnea led him to advanced residency courses presented by Dr. Steven Olmos at the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre in San Diego, California. He furthers his training through membership of The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain Canadian Chapter, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, The Canadian Academy of Sleep Disorders Disciplines and The Medibyte Users group, for home sleep tests. He speaks to various groups about the health consequences of sleep apnea, the availability of home sleep tests and the highly accepted treatment with oral appliances in place of treatment with continuous positive airway pressure. He’s dedicated to improving the quality of life, reducing health problems and increasing life expectancy of his patients through the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.