Camille  Caffarelli

Camille Caffarelli

Camille Caffarelli is Executive Director and founder of Horizons for the Blind. She has worked with numerous organizations to promote accessibility for the blind and visually impaired providing braille and large print educational materials to the Botanic Gardens, Brookfield Zoo, Field Museum, Smithsonian Institute, and NASA. Horizons, currently with a staff of over 50 employees,most are blind or visually impaired. She has been honored by numerous groups such as Lions International, Chicago Jaycees, City of Chicago Honor Roll of Handicapped Chicagoans and the recipient of the Impressa Award from the Women's Division of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian-Americans.She served as chair of the Advisory Committee of the Illinois Library Program for the Blind, and also State Chair for the Blind Services Planning Council for Illinois and currently is one of the Chairs for the Braille Authority of North America.