Marion  Baker, RTC

Marion Baker, RTC

Marion Baker, RTC (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor), The Love Therapist, is trained in transpersonal psychology, a modality that marries spirituality and psychology. She was trained through Clearmind International, a counselling and personal development school whose courses are based on A Course in Miracles. She is author of The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch. Her book is like a personal counseling session for her readers. Marion shares her own and other women's love stories--some successful, some not--then comments on the stories from a counseling perspective. What went wrong? Could the situation have gone differently? What repeating pattern is revealed in this woman's life that she can now change? Why is she always attracted to the bad boys that love and leave? As we delve into our familial patterns, the secrets are revealed. Any single women reading these stories will not only be drawn in, but will most assuredly find herself and her situation amongst these pages.