Craig McNeil

Craig McNeil leads Accenture Digital - Mobility in North America and global Mobility Strategy and Corporate Development. Before rejoining Accenture in 2011, he was CEO of a mobile payments startup, where he rebranded the company, transformed the sales organization, redefined the product offering, and revamped business development. Previously, Craig spearheaded the development and launch of a new financial services-based mobile virtual network operator for a global investment firm. As its Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, he developed the company’s business operations and technology domains; negotiated contracts with third-party providers, including Western Union, GreenDot and Bancorp; raised over $100 million in investment equity; and executed the first mobile money transfer from the US to abroad in 2007. From 1997-2006, he worked for Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology operating group. He holds an MA degree in Telecommunications and BA in Neuroscience.