Karen  Alleyne-Means

Karen Alleyne-Means

Do you believe that sales are hard? That your customers feel that you and your product have no value? If you are like most heart-centered entrepreneurs you may also feel this way. The traditional sales methods of the past have lost their impact on todays’ customers. When you can connect to your clients in the way they want you will have more abundance and freedom to do what you want, you will reduce stress, and stop the financial roller coaster and you will connect with your customer thus resulting in sales and keep buying from you. Karen Alleyne-Means, known as The Soul Profit Integrationist; teaches heart-centered women entrepreneurs how to connect with their customers authentically and enjoy exponential results without being ‘sales-y’. She has begun using a new communication tool that allows you to connect with your tribe in a way that speaks your client’s language, thus increasing your sales by 300% and unleashing your sales potential.