Mary  Botham

Mary Botham

As a restaurant owner since 1979 and a real estate investor with nine homes in four states, Mary Botham has cultivated the mindset of an entrepreneur. She graduated from UC Boulder with a business degree and won the school’s prestigious marketing award. Using both her own personal business acumen and proven methodologies as a Certified Dream Coach® Mary educates and inspires women to transform their business into “Blissne$$.” Mary is a sought after speaker and coach who encourages entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into dollars. She gives targeted, down to earth advice, practical tips, and intuitive guidance. Because she is a trusted expert in the fields of business ownership and real estate investing, her “Brilliant Brainstorming” and group coaching practices receive rave reviews. She organizes monthly Laugh & Learn Events as part of her Bli$$ Community for Businesswomen to Learn, Inspire and Support each other while Strengthening their businesses. Mary enjoys spending time with her family, and dreams of traveling both in the US and to one new country (or more!) each year.