Matthew  Littlefield

Matthew Littlefield

Matthew Littlefield, co-founder, president and principal analyst for LNS Research, has spent his entire career focused on helping manufacturing executives improve their operations through better leadership, business process, and technology capabilities. Over the past three years at LNS, he oversees the overall research agenda and works with many of the world’s leading manufacturers to move their manufacturing and quality operations forward, including: Whirlpool, Newell-Rubbermaid, Harley Davidson, Alcoa, and Starbucks. Prior to co-founding LNS, Matthew led Aberdeen Group’s manufacturing research practice for 5 years, benchmarking hundreds of companies’ manufacturing operations and making actionable recommendations to improve. He started his career on the plant floor, spending 5 years at global manufacturing companies like Unilever and Hood’s Dairy. Matthew received his Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.