Talua  Manning

Talua Manning

Talua was born with the gift of clearly hearing and seeing all things that are in Creator form which strongly includes the Crystal Realm. She first started collecting rocks and crystals at the age of 5 not knowing that her life would involve healing others with the aid of the crystal realm. Healing clients and communicating with the Creator is something that Talua has done for 27 years. Guided by beautiful heart and like-minded souls Talua expanded from the Crystal realm to the Ascension realms and Celestial Ascension Healings. Witnessing miraculous healing work and empowering transformations in her clients is an everyday occurrence for Talua. Her love purpose is to be able to help people and animals to help rekindle their love for themselves and life. Talua is a Master Crystal Therapist in Canada, and a practitioner for the 111™ Activation, Universal Sphere® and the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation. Talua's contact details are k.t.manning@telus.net or www.crystalempowerments.com