Hon. Dr. Sandra Rose  Michael

Hon. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Hon. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael is an award-winning researcher in applied integrative bio-physics, Presidential & International Who’s Who, & creator of the Bio-Scalar EESystem Technology, as featured on CNN, Fox News and in the Wall Street Journal. For decades she’s worked with top scientists, physicians & leaders in the research development and implementation of EESystem, which effectively integrates bio-photonics, unified fields & quantum physics, creating an enhanced energetic environment for optimized body-mind-spirit health. She is a founding member of Zero Point Transformational Gathering, has taught holistic health for four+ decades and lectured at the U.N., MIT, the Harvard Club, Royal Society of Medicine and many more. With an autism/seizure study published in the Journal of Neurology Research, she’s now focused on U.S. Veterans Healthcare. Knighted for her humanitarian service, Sandra is a Dame Commander and is Minister of Health for the Republic of New Lemuria. www.EEsystem.com