Alan  Fox

Alan Fox

Alan Fox, founder of ACF Property Management, Inc, Rattle Poetry Journal, The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and game changer. How did he do all this? Alan attributes his happiness and success to consistently applying his People Tools, the simple, practical life lessons that he’s accumulated—and practiced—over the years. Now at the ripe-old age of 74, Alan is dedicated to sharing his wisdom with as many people as possible through his writings, public talks, and media appearances. His first book, People Tools: 54 Strategies for Building Relationships, Creating Joy, and Embracing Prosperity made two New York Times Bestseller lists when it was published in January 2014 and impacted the lives of thousands of readers worldwide. Fox will discuss the second in the series, "People Tools for Business: 50 Strategies for Building Success, Creating Wealth, and Finding Happiness."