Ilene  Kastel

Ilene Kastel

Ilene Kastel, M.A., LCPC, is the founder of Next Step Counseling, Inc., which is a group practice that focuses exclusively on young adults going through life transitions. Ilene has been conducting therapy since 2005 and over the years has worked with a diverse range of adults struggling with various life challenges including sadness, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, life development, and weight concerns. After 14 years of combined academic, professional training and counseling, Ilene developed a strong passion for exclusively helping young adults going through life transitions including breakup recovery, feeling strong being single and dating as well as relationship ambivalence which led to her founding Next Step Counseling, Inc. In her work, Ilene uses evidence based techniques and tools along with holistic treatment approaches such as meditation and relaxation. Ilene has developed a knack for providing supportive services based on each individual’s strengths while helping them gain insight and tools to transition faster and smoother. Ilene is also a co-founder of Heartbreak Bootcamp which is a 5 week supportive program geared exclusively towards women and focuses on the body, mind and spirit. Outside of Ilene's career she enjoys seeing live local music, practicing yoga, dancing at a nearby studio and working out.