Peter  Sinclair

Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair is a videographer with a passion for understanding how the climate works and how we impact it, and then communicating that information in a powerful way. Since he was a teenager in Michigan, Peter has been deeply involved in issues of environment and energy, and since the 1980s, increasingly concerned about the effects of human-caused climate change. For the last 8 years he’s been studying and working with the world's most senior and experienced climate scientists in the fields of glaciology, oceanography, atmospheric science, and geo-physics. During that time he has given countless presentations at schools, universities, churches and civic groups on climate change and launched a YouTube series on the subject, "Climate Denial Crock of the Week” that has now become internationally recognized, and garnered millions of views. A new series, "This is Not Cool", appears monthly through the Yale Climate Connections website. Find him on YouTube and at