Andrew  Kolikoff

Andrew Kolikoff

Dedicated, charismatic and tenacious, Andrew Kolikoff always finds the solution needed to reach goals. He uses innovative ways to move business forward, and accelerate the learning curve. Besides that he has an uncanny ability to know what buttons to push and which doors to open (and not to open).

After more than 15 years serving as a Chief Science Officer, Not-For-Profit Founder, and University Adjunct Professor Andrew Kolikoff realized his talent was more communicating and selling the science than actually doing it. As a result, today Andrew has now become one of the leading consultants, writers, speakers, strategic sales and marketing strategists, and business and personal development mentors on as he calls, the "Inner Game" of Happiness and Success.

Andrew Kolikoff is the Principal of Synergy Sales & Marketing, Author of The Blind Spot, Mentor at SeedSpot and Founder/Creator of DreamSeats

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