Fahim  Fazli

Fahim Fazli

Born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, Fahim Fazli came to the United States as a refugee in his teens. He enjoyed a privileged childhood until the Russians invaded Afghanistan. As a young adult he supported the resistance and when he and his remaining family saw the opportunity they fled to Pakistan and then eventually to the United States. Forced to support his family Fahim was not able to pursue his passion, acting until many years later. Having the good fortune to meet someone from a local production company who mentioned his resemblance to Andy Garcia and also asked if he was interested in going to a casting call, he got his big break. It had been years since he had given any serious thought to acting, but he got the job. Fahim currently lives in Orange CountyCalifornia and has continued working in television and movies. Fahim's memoir, Fahim Speaks, was released in 2012. More recently, Fahim had a small speaking role in Ben Affleck's movie "Argo," which received five Golden Globe Award nominations, including one for "Best Picture."