HOST (Dr. Gordon Atherley)

Dr. Gordon Atherley founded Family Caregivers Unite as an Internet Radio talk show on VoiceAmerica to empower family caregivers by amplifying their voice, spreading their vision, and publicizing their value, and by providing them with information that’s trustworthy, understandable and useful. He founded it because he learned the importance of family caregiving from his own experience of a family history of schizophrenia and from his own work as a physician. He founded EQualitative Research, a project that links human insight with advanced computer-based methods for qualitative research. This is research focused on individuals’ personal experiences of mental and physical illnesses and persistent disabilities, and, of course, family caregiving. He founded EQualitative Research based on his experience of listening to family caregivers telling their stories on Family Caregivers Unite. He founded EQualitative Research based on his experience as a medical researcher.