Miriam  Kalman Friedman

Miriam Kalman Friedman

Miriam Kalman Friedman, PhD, a published writer and playwright, finds her passion in true-life stories that reveal the way ordinary lives and events transform into extraordinary ones. After her career teaching college writing, literature and women’s studies, she found a connection to her passion for the extraordinary while directing a wellness program in her husband’s medical office. In their search for the highest quality supplements on the market, they found NuSkin/Pharmanex, a company with heart: Dr. Miriam finds NuSkin’s Force For Good Foundation, with its Feed the Children Project, most rewarding. Their “blessanomics” approach offers VitaMeal, a nutritional meal in a bag that will feed a child in starvation mode for a month or an adult for two weeks. So far NuSkin and its distributors have provided over 390 million meals around the world. To become part of this extraordinary Force For Good Project, contact Dr. Miriam Friedman at drmaris930@aol.com or mkf0942@gmail.com.