Honor  Church

Honor Church

Honor Church h.church@btinternet.com http://www.honorchurchpsychic.co.uk I work purely from the heart. In our work together I will honour you and your spiritual links; those from the unseen world who are ready to assist you with living a life that truly honours yourself. When I used to serve the spiritual churches in the UK I would ask myself what was the point of bringing through departed loved ones, if they only convey assurances that they still watch over you and love you? Surely there had to be more wisdom and teaching from them! I frequently heard many a medium bring through a John or a Jack, a Mary or Elizabeth. All too often there was no real description of the links coming through nor indeed their true reason for making their presence felt. I have always strived to give as much detail as possible about a departed loved one be it a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt or uncle, grandparents, friends and even animals who also have their own personalities too. Then I will explain why they have come through to you. During the mid 90's I went to visit another well known medium and seemingly International. She claimed she had my mother and that she worked for the Land Army. 100% wrong, The whole reading was a sham. To make matters worse, there was nothing on the cassette. I phoned her when I returned home, her cop out "spirit often wiped a cassette clean," if they did not want you to hear what they were saying”? So why have people believe otherwise. I vowed I would never visit another medium again, because in truth, I would get more from the unseen world for myself and I would often be surprised at the degree of accuracy as things transpired. As my psychic and mediumship awareness sharpened, I began sensing my own departed loved ones helping in very accurate specific and detailed ways during my times of need and not once did they fail me. My readings accurately describe the past, present and future life concerns. Most of my work is done by phone