Ted  Bahr

Ted Bahr

Ted Bahr is a certified Permaculturist and founder of Prairie Sage Permaculture in Calgary, Canada. His designs have been featured in CBC Radio, The Calgary Herald, and Canada.com. Growing up in an urban environment was not enough to keep Ted from acquiring a profound respect for nature and its untapped wisdom. After some abrupt life changes during the 2009 recession, it was time to pursue his passions. He soon learned of the concept of Permaculture which is only now beginning to make inroads in North America, but quickly becoming renowned as the answer to the world’s environmental concerns, food security issues, and dependencies on limited resources.

Ted is deeply passionate about creating more resilient communities by educating people of all ages about how humans can benefit from a healthy relationship with nature and the environment and take responsibility for our own existence, rather than depending on unsustainable and unstable systems for our survival. He offers permaculture workshops, retreats, and is also the creator of the yearly Calgary Permaculture Tour, the first of its kind in that city, connecting people to the pioneers and innovators in the green movement.

Ted will be editing and co-authoring the e-magazine “The RE-Generation”, a journal of success stories relating to regenerative lifestyles, permaculture innovations, and the harmonious integration of humans and their natural environment—due out this fall.