Clay  Villanueva

Clay Villanueva

Clay Villanueva has been in and out of various cultures since his childhood. Beginning is the Caribbean, then Venezuela. Later in life traveling to Australia, Asia and Europe. He served in the US Navy for 7 years which enabled his discovery of Asia and Australia. Through many different cultures and several marriages, he began to turn his focus toward the “Bigger Picture” of why we are here and our relationships with others. Looking specifically at significant others. Being trained in technology also gave him insight into how we all have our own interpretations of common complex concepts yet often our interpretations have nothing in common. LOVE for example has a myriad of definitions. When he rediscovered the love of his life, who was from another culture, he felt inspired to write a book called “Instant Love Machine”. The book is a step by step guide to mastering LOVE relationships in 60 minutes or less with an introduction by the creator of the universe!