Patryk  Wezowski

Patryk Wezowski

Patryk Wezowski is worldwide the leading authority for Body Language in Sales, Leadership, Recruitment and Negotiations. His presentations reveal in an entertaining and interactive way a new and effective approach for more persuasion, charisma, authenticity, personal impact and leadership by using non-verbal communication. Together with his wife Kasia Wezowski, he is the Founder of the Center for Body language. Their methodology and tools are being taught by more than 35 representatives in 15 countries. Each month Patryk appears in the international media with analysis of celebrities, leaders and politicians, including Fox, CBS, Forbes and also media in Belgium and the Netherlands. During his interactive presentations Patryk shows dozens of videos of micro expressions. Who knows how to read body language has a decisive advantage in negotiations, sales, job interviews, meetings, debates and daily situations.