Dr. Gloria  Walther

Dr. Gloria Walther

Dr. Gloria Walther hails from Tampa, Florida and because her father was in the Air Force, Gloria grew up in London, Indiana and graduated from high school in France. She moved to Texas, then Ohio, graduating from college with a B.S. at Ohio State University. She completed her master’s degree at Florida State and then went scuba diving in Hawaii for about three years. Her love of children and curiosity of how they come to perceive themselves and their world led her to Los Angeles. She completed her doctorate at USC and has taught preschool teachers and Directors for 17 years. Gloria was the Director at St. Thomas Parish Pre-School, and she taught at the Portuguese Bend Co-op Nursery School in Palos Verdes and the USC Pre-School. Concurrently, she has been teaching preschool children for about 37 years or rather, they have been teaching her. She wakes up every day wondering what she will learn from the children that day. Her favorite thing is watching children evolve into thoughtful, respectful, loving, caring, solution-oriented adults that make this world a better place. Gloria also loves to play cards and golf and is wild about football.