Susan  Fine

Susan Fine

Susan Fine opened The Chocolate Path after several years working in corporate television. She had been a dark chocolate fan and decided to start a new venture focused on this passion. Her dream was to hand pick and gather in one place the best/most interesting chocolates and chocolate makers for true dark chocolate lovers. She also knew that true chocolate lovers are enthusiastic and inquisitive, so it was critical for The Chocolate Path to offer the same personal service and advice as you'd find in a great wine shop.

Her first test was to take on some inventory and try and sell small quantities of her selections at events and shopping boutiques. She consistently sold out of merchandise and customers were asking for more. Off to the races.

Initially opened in 2005 as a store in Montclair, NJ with a companion website, The Chocolate Path moved completely online in 2011 to take advantage of rising internet sales and a growing national customer base. The business is now an online shopping destination coupled with a live tasting, teaching and pairing service. We still operate temporary pop up stores during high demand holiday periods or special events.

Susan has met generous, dedicated and artistic suppliers from around the world and experienced first hand the entire bean to bar creation process in South America. She continues to search for and discover great new small-batch dark chocolate from the world's best sources.